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The Wolfpack has entered the Bayou.

Check out our latest Bloodbond Hunters and Legendary weapoons, available through the in-game store. We have 2 new Hunters and 2 new weapons to help you start your own Wolfpack and roam around the Bayou in style.

Bundle Offer

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Legendary Hunter – Luna Wolf (900 Bloodbonds)

A merciless wolf hunter, Felicia Frisk came to Louisiana following her son’s footsteps, where she sought closure – but she only found the moonlight turned crimson with blood, and a mournful howl echoing in the Bayou.

Legendary Hunter – Dire Wolf (900 Bloodbonds)

Remus Frisk never thought twice when killing packs of wolves, and he never paid a price for those massacres – until he came to the Bayou to hunt his last wolf – and this time, it was one from his own pack.

Legendary Lebel 1886 Aperture – Wolfsbane (800 Bloodbonds)

As charming and deadly as its namesake, this Lebel 1886 Aperture earned its name from the wolf carcasses its previous owner left decaying and unskinned. Now each shot from its barrel tears through the night like a hundred wolves howling for revenge.

Legendary Springfield Compact Deadeye – Blister (800 Bloodbonds)

Six gouges mark the number of sun-cracked and blistering days the first owner of this Springfield 1866 Compact Deadeye staggered through the desert – without water, without clothing, but with an indomitable will for revenge.

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