Warzone devs deliver “Eagle Child” Calling Card in honor of viral Reddit post

The Warzone Season 5 Reloaded update delivered a gem of a Calling Card that alludes to a viral Reddit post.

Call of Duty players have officially entered the final chapter of Warzone following the Season 5 Reloaded update. The midseason update delivered a ton of fresh content for players to enjoy as the devs look to send Warzone off with a bang.

The Season 5 Reloaded update contained the usual weapon buffs and nerfs, two new guns to unlock, a new Rebirth Island mode, and new Operators. However, the devs also had some surprises in store as they delivered free Calling Cards to players.

These free Calling Cards are meant to celebrate the finale of Warzone by looking back at some of the community’s most memorable moments. It just so happens that one of these Calling Cards alludes to a viral Reddit post.

Much to the amusement of the Warzone community, this post went viral back in August as a very confused player had some trouble understanding classic Call of Duty slang.

The OP explains that they keep hearing the term “Eagle Child” when tuning into Warzone streams, and asks what this strange term means. As the comments explain, the OP interpreted the classic CoD term “Ego Chall” as the now famous Eagle Child.

Warzone Eagle Child Calling Card

An ego challenge occurs when a player re-challenges an enemy while at a disadvantage. This could either be because the player is weak or in a poor position to engage in a gunfight.

The devs definitely had some fun with this one as the Calling Card showcases a child in the sky with the wings of an eagle spread far and wide.

The original Reddit post was a lighthearted and memorable interaction within the Warzone community and its legacy is cemented with Season 5 Reloaded’s Eagle Child Calling Card.

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