Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune Event: Challenges, rewards, start & end date

Warzone Pacific will receive several changes when Season 4 finally arrives, so here’s when Season 3 Reloaded wraps up and what you can expect to see in Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune.

Raven Software frequently adds brand-new content and changes to Warzone Pacific through seasonal updates, and Season 3 Reloaded increased the player health on Rebirth Island while also introducing weapon buffs and nerfs.

There’s still more Warzone content to come as the year goes on and here’s everything we know about Warzone Pacific Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune, including the start date, Caldera changes, Fortune’s Keep, and new content.

Warzone Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune roadmap

Warzone Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune start date

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 has officially been announced, releasing on June 22, 2022. The new update will roll out at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST.

Assuming there are no delays, Warzone’s Season 4 update should go live on June 22, but stay tuned for any official updates from Activision and Raven Software.

Fortune's Keep map Warzone Season 4

Warzone Pacific Season 4 Fortune’s Keep map

Warzone will receive a brand-new map in Season 4 as the Call of Duty team has shared details for a destination known as Fortune’s Keep which is said to contain “new riches.”

While some are slightly worried about the map replacing Warzone’s Rebirth Island, the devs confirmed that all three maps will be playable during Season 4 with regular weekly playlist rotations. However, it seems Rebirth Island won’t be available at the start of the new Season.

Make sure you check out our full guide on the Fortune’s Keep map for more information.

Warzone Caldera map changes in Warzone Season 4

In each season of Warzone Pacific, Caldera undergoes significant map changes, and, Raven Software teased in a pre-Season 3 interview with us that Season 4 will bring “one of the biggest shifts Caldera has had since launch.”

On June 15, the Call of Duty Team revealed what changes they have in store for Caldera. It seems the changes will include new POIs, including the return of Verdansk’s Storage Town, less vegetation around the island to improve visibility, and Secret underground Mercenary Vaults.

New weapons in Warzone Season 4

Vargo-S Warzone Season 4 weapon

As is tradition, a new season means brand-new weapons to unlock. In Season 4, players will have a total of four new weapons to discover. The first two are the Marco 5 SMG and UGM-8 LMG which will be available at the start of Season 4

The Push Dagger melee weapon and Vargo-S Assault Rifle will be available to players later on in the season.

Mercenaries of Fortune Event

The Mercenaries of Fortune Event in Warzone Season 4 will feature a new set of challenges for players to complete. They will take place on both Caldera and the new Fortune’s Keep map.

Stay tuned for the specific challenge details but the devs confirmed that there will be eight in total.

“Complete all eight challenges to earn the coveted gold skin for the Armored SUV. Ride around in this thing and there’ll be no mistaking you for a common mercenary.”

Warzone Golden Plunder LTM

Plunder has always been about the cash, which is why it’s the perfect fit for a new Season 4 LTM. In Golden Plunder, Warzone players will fight for bags of gold, and only those who secure the highest amount of cash can claim victory.

You can expect lobbies of 120 players when playing the Golden Plunder LTM. $5,000,000 is required for a win, but luckily players drop more cash on death.

New Warzone features in Season 4

Black Market Run Contract

Cash Extraction Warzone Season 4

A new contract is making its way to Warzone in Season 4. Players who activate the Black Market Run Contract will be tasked with reaching the Black Market Buy Station before a timer expires.

If you can do so, you’ll be able to use your cash to claim valuable rewards that aren’t found at regular Buy Stations like a Specialist Bonus or Nebula V Minigun.

Cash Extraction will be a feature of Resurgence Battle Royale matches. As players attempt to airlift their Cash off Fortune’s Keep, you can ambush them and claim the rewards for yourself. Just keep in mind that you may not be the only team with this objective.

Armored SUV

Armored SUV Warzone Season 4

Armored SUVs are coming to Warzone in Season 4 as a new form of transportation. These new vehicles will facilitate movement around the map, but they can do so much more.

This vehicle is specifically designed to go on the offensive. You’ll be able to fire at players with a rooftop turret. The SUV also comes equipped with Nitro Boost to provide instant acceleration when you need to make an evasive maneuver.

EMP Grenade

EMP Grenade Warzone Season 4

With the new EMP Grenade, you’ll be able to fully disable vehicles for a period of time. This will act as the perfect counter to the aforementioned Armored SUV. The area of effect will only last for a short time so you’re going to want to make your equipment usage count.

While the EMP Grenade is non-lethal to players, it will strip them of their HUD information for a period of time.

We’ll be sure to update this article with more information about Warzone Pacific Season 4 as it becomes available, so be sure to check back with us!

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