Warzone & Vanguard Season 5 bring classic MW2 and Advanced Warfare weapons

Activision have officially revealed details for Season 5 of Vanguard, unveiling all the content that players can expect for the final season of the game.

The fifth and final season of Call of Duty: Vanguard has officially been revealed ahead of Modern Warfare 2‘s release. Season 5 of Vanguard marks the “Last Stand,” bringing brand new content for players to enjoy as the last hoorah for the game.

From new maps and weapons to another round-based Zombies map, Vanguard players have a lot to look forward to when it comes to Vanguard Season 5.

Here’s everything you need to know about the update, including all of the new content coming.

Vanguard Season 5 release date

According to the Call of Duty blog, Vanguard Season 5 is officially set to launch on August 24 at around 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST.

This will be the final season for Vanguard, and so there will be a heap of content for players to enjoy, whether you like to play Multiplayer or Zombies.

Vanguard Season 5 new maps

Beheaded (Launch)

vanguard beheaded map

“Navigate a war-torn Times Square in this post-apocalyptic small map, built for fast action. Battle under the neon lights outside famed Big Apple establishments, or take up position in Lady Liberty’s fallen head, race through her arms, and dash through the subway to flank your enemies.”

Fortress (In-Season)

vanguard fortress map

“Deploy to the Mediterranean in this medium-sized map featuring close-quarters interiors with rooftop access that grant you power positions. Fight in a maritime graveyard, where ship remains litter the desert landscape. The eponymous fortress incorporates an old ship into its own design, creating a varied landscape to be exploited by savvy Operators.”

Vanguard Season 5 Operators

Raul Menendez (Launch)

vanguard mendez operator

Taken from the Black Ops series, Raul Mendez was born in Nicaragua and left in charge of the Menendez Cartel after his father was killed by the CIA. After his sister’s death, he became a “hostile political activist.”

“His charisma and ruthlessness propelled him to leadership of the social movement turned terrorist organization, Cordis Die…Now, you can harness his wrath against your enemies as part of Task Force Tyrants.”

Khaled Al-Asad (Launch)

vanguard khaled al-asad operator

Khaled Al-Asad is from the Modern Warfare series, and he “grew up in Urzikstan amid political strife.”

After taking control of the Al-Qatala terrorist group, he “transformed the militants into an army as he acquired an arsenal for the invasion of Verdansk. Committed to the demise of Western power, Al-Asad launched gas attacks in Verdansk, breaking a fragile armistice between nations.”

Gabriel T. Rorke (In-Season)

Vanguard Gabriel Rorke operator

Gabriel Rorke is from Call of Duty: Ghosts, and he “led the Ghosts before being turned against them, paving the way for the Federation’s occupation of the United States.”

Rorke was brainwashed after being left behind and found by the Federation during an assassination mission.

He “Seraph” Zhen-Zhen (In-Season)

Vanguard Seraph operator

Lastly, we have Seraph, who grew up in the “Singapore Quarantine Zone as the daughter of a high-ranking officer in the 54 Immortals.” Seraph embodies force, ambition, dedication, and skill.

Vanguard Season 5 new weapons

EX1 (Launch)

vanguard ex1 weapon

A prototype energy rifle effective at long range and highly customizable.”

This prototype Energy Rifle leaves behind traditional ballistics in favor of a customizable battery system used to power its attacks. Effective at long range, the weapon requires a cooling-off period after depleting its charge capacity. You don’t have to worry about running out of ammo, but get caught during the reload and you’re in trouble.

Equip the Heat Muzzle for extra charge capacity, insert a new Battery, and transform the EX1’s capabilities with the Burst Barrel or Charge Sniper Barrel. Its Gunsmith potential is impressive, with options for every scenario.

RA 225 (Launch)

RA 225 in vanguard season 5

This SMG has a high fire rate and a very mobile compact frame.”

This lightweight SMG boasts a fast fire rate and quick handling, perfect for shredding enemies in close to midrange battles — if you can manage its upward kick. It’s great for objective play in tight areas, though you may want to pair it with a heavier-damage-dealing weapon when more firepower is needed.

It’s highly customizable via Gunsmith, too, with options for greater power, handling, and accuracy. Find the right balance and soon you’ll never want to be without this blazing SMG. However, keep your eyes out for extra ammo —you’ll need it.

Valois Revolver (Launch Window)

Valois Revolver vanguard season 5

A combination knife and revolver that acts as both a lethal melee weapon and a pistol.”

This rare weapon is a villain’s dream, capable of landing one-hit Melee eliminations while also holding six rounds in the chamber for extra versatility. Its damage isn’t remarkable, but it’ll do the job against a fleeing or damaged opponent.

Operators can obtain the Valois Revolver by purchasing it in a Bundle, available in Season Five, or by completing one of two in-game challenges:

  • In Multiplayer, get 15 Melee Kills. Hint: Take your Melee weapon of choice into Beheaded, a great map for closing the gap to your opponent.
  • In Zombies, get 1,000 Eliminations using Pistols that have been Pack-a-Punched. Hint: A straightforward challenge perfectly fit for the new round-based Zombies experience, “The Archon.” Get your points and hit that Pack-a-Punch early.

Midseason Armaments

Earn two more weapons launching in the midseason update, the BP50 and the Lienna 57 Assault Rifles. That’s a total of five new weapons arriving in Last Stand, perfect for carrying out all of your villainous deeds.

Vanguard Season 5 ranked

vangaurd season 5 weapon

Stretch your competitive skills by competing in 4v4 matches using the same settings, maps, and modes as the 2022 Call of Duty League.

Earn unique Ranked Play rewards for securing wins and top placements against other players in the new season. These latest competitive rewards will include exclusive new Camos, Charms, Emblems, and Weapon Blueprints to bring into your loadouts in Ranked Play, Multiplayer, and Zombies. Fight for your spot on the Ladder as you restart your climb to the top, as all players’ Skill Ratings and Skill Divisions will refresh for Last Stand.

In addition, Treyarch will launch the new season’s Top 250 Skill Division and Leaderboard on August 31 to show the world who’s the best of the best. Mark your calendars and get ready to flex.

Vanguard Season 5 Zombies

New Round-Based Zombies Experience: “The Archon”

vangaurd season 5 zombies the archon

From a cursed desert battlefield to the heart of the Dark Aether: pass the Trials, confront the Construct, and defeat the Archon in the epic conclusion of Vanguard Zombies.

The Final Battle Approaches: Get ready to return to Egypt and take on new quests in the finale of Vanguard Zombies following the tragic secrets unearthed at “Shi No Numa.” Gather crucial Intel, survive round after round of the undead, and face off against Kortifex the Deathless within the Dark Aether itself. You’ll need every advantage you can get, so be sure to hit up the Perk Fountains, Altar of Covenants, Tome of Rituals, and the Pack-a-Punch machine and prepare for a larger-than-life final battle.

mendez shooting zombie in vanguard season 5

Watch for more info from Treyarch on what’s to come in this final season, including the launch date and time for the Main Quest, details on new buffs and gameplay improvements, new Zombies Challenges with unique Calling Card rewards, new Battle Pass weapon support, additional weapon unlock challenges to tackle, and more.

Those are the details we know about Vanguard Season 5 so far! We’ll be updating this section regularly so be sure to check in as information about the next season gets revealed.

If you’re interested in the battle royale aspect of Call of Duty, be sure to check out all the details on Warzone Pacific Season 5.

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