Winter Fest Tournament Update


  • New tournament: Winter Fest
  • New free reward paint bundle

We’re excited to announce the availability of a new tournament!

No winter would be complete without snowy fun so it’s time for the annual Winter Fest event! The old guard already knows how the traditional Wreckfest winter festives are played out: driving around with a toy car, unleashing giant snowballs that wreck anything in their path. Let’s see who’s going to be the meanest snowball fighter this year!

The weekly events offer a selection of winter-themed fun with demolition races, demolition derbies and time attacks guaranteed to offer sideways going, sheet metal tearing wintry fun. Make sure to check them all out and claim the special prize now available in the tournament shop: a bundle of classic Killerbee paint jobs from our Early Access phase!

Happy New Year to everyone and good luck!

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