Wrecking Madness Tournament Update


  • New tournament: Wrecking Madness
  • New free reward bundle for Warwagon

We’re excited to announce the availability of a new tournament!

This time we’re taking you back to Wrecking Playground so it’s time for Wrecking Madness! The monthly event challenges you to score points by wrecking your car, destroying objects and getting airtime, all without without worrying about getting wrecked since resetting the car will repair it instantly. The weeklies offer an entirely different challenge, being timed events in which you need to collect the special Bugbear coins littered around the level as quickly as possible. The tournament shop has been restocked with a rocking new Warwagon “Warrior” bundle containing many cool upgrades and an unique paint job.

Additionally, this update will address a critical issue of the game crashing when quitting.


Game version

PC: 1.289098

  • Game no longer hangs when quitting to desktop.

Happy summer to everyone on the northern hemisphere, and winter to everyone else!

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